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Model RAS-100


This is a thermal transfer machine that uses the following mechanism for the outer periphery of the molded product. Equipped with all the adjustment functions required for thermal transfer to the outer periphery of the molded product. By adopting a touch panel, you can set the transfer time, back tension, transfer speed, etc. You can enter it arbitrarily. It also has a data memory function, so it has excellent reproducibility.

The rotating jig rises at a high speed at first and slows down before it comes into contact with the transfer roll, and by temporarily stopping the roll rotation, transfer can be started smoothly from the correct position.

By entering the shape point (angle), the transfer speed can be set in 8 steps, enabling transfer to more complicated shapes. During transfer, the automatic foil tension controller maintains the optimum tension at all times. (Adjustment of tension in 8 steps is also possible.)

Also, the precision of foil feed stop has been greatly improved by controlling from the sequencer. A high-sensitivity non-contact infrared type is adopted as the temperature sensor that detects the surface temperature of the roll. Achieved highly accurate temperature control without damaging the roll surface temperature.

Materials that can be used Various plastics, metal products, wood products, textile products, leather products, glass products, etc.