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Asmil Vision

Asmil Vision

Absorbs thick and thin characters, misalignment, expansion and contraction, and distortion, and judges only defective parts. Image processing software with innovative algorithms

Overcoming the factors

that cause the false contour problem
Navitas Checker is image processing software with a unique inspection algorithm that is commonly used by all inspection devices The “eyes” of the Navitas checker “selects good products as good products just like human eyes. Please experience this epoch-making new technology: Unlike humans, you can inspectin the same way as human eyes, and you can inspect it 24 hours a day with the same standard without any mistakes.”

Product features

Overweight or thin

Depending on various factors such as temperature, humidity, solution ratio, plate condition and printing machine characteristics, characters may become thick or thin. The original contour image processing method “contour fuzzy processing eliminates over-detection due to fatness and thinness, and can detect only defects.

Asmil Vision

Displacement, expansion and contraction, distortion

Expansion/contraction and distortion occur not only during printing, but also due to camera performance and transport conditions. Unique “expansion/contraction correction contour alignment” captures the contour shape obtained from the captured image and positions it based on the shape information, no matter what the print/figure mold shape of the workpiece is. Because it does, only the defective part can be caught.

Variable printing, code quality inspection

Variable inspection can be performed simultaneously with standard comparison inspection. In addition to character recognition (OCR) and reading 1D and 2D codes, it is also possible to detect scratches and omissions by quality inspection.