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Achieves high-speed, high-precision print quality and visual inspection.
Inspection device for various cylindrical containers and oval containers.

  • Printing and appearance quality inspection equipment for bottles and cylindrical containers for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals foods, etc.
  • High-speed inspection at a maximum of 40 lines/minute while automatically sorting good and bad products and discharging
  • Detection of pinholes, chips, breaks, scratches, protrusions, foreign matter, scratches, etc.
  • High-precision inspection by using color/monochrome line sensor (2K, 4K pixels selectable)
  • Resolution 0.05 mm (field of view 100 mm, using 2K line sensor)
  • Imaging inspection is possible from any position on the rotating contaner (no trigger mark required)
  • Multi-CPU parallel processing realizes high-speed rotation and short-time inspection
  • It can be provided as an automatic machine from the supply of cylindrical containers to inspection and discharge
  • One-master image processing engine “NC-FLX” adopted

Product features

Basic specifications

“NC-Bottle” is an image inspection device that inspects the print quality and appearance of various containers with high speed and accuracy. Automatic detection of pinholes, missing characters, cuts, protrusions, scratches, bleeding, foreign matter, scratches and other fine defects. Dimension and position measurement can be performed at the same time, and print position deviation, angle deviation, and molding defects can be detected. The high-resolution line sensor can be used to image the entire circumference of the bottle, and the image can be picked up from any position on the rotating cylindrical container, eliminating the need for an imaging trigger mark.

With the contour fuzzy processing and the expansion/contraction correction alignment technology, which are proprietary to Navitas Checker, fine defects in the contour area can be accurately detected even if there are misalignment, expansion/contraction of printing, and variations in the printed contour area. High-definition color line sensor and Navitas checker color processing function enable multicolor printing, full-color printing, and pattern quality inspection.

Even in the production of cylindrical container printing machines, we have a high level of technology and a wealth of achievements, and an automatic machine that performs a series of processes from automatic supply, transportation, inspection to sorting of non-defective/defective products and discharge according to customer requests Can be provided. We also offer only the NC-Bottle inspection engine unit and can integrate it into your existing automated machine line.

Inspection target: Bottles, jars, tubes, cups for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Print quality inspection: foreign matter, chips, pinholes, missing prints, dirt, faintness, whiskers, thick and thin characters, etc.
Background defect detection: Ink splash, foreign matter, stains, lines, scratches, dents, stains, etc.
Dimension measurement, width, angle, radius, etc.
Positional deviation measurement, misalignment, label position, printing position, etc.

Variable information inspection OCR (character recognition), serial number confirmation, barcode and 2D code reading and collation, quality inspection, barcode grade judgment (reference value)
Result confirmation function FLX-Verify (flex verify) (optional)
-Enlarged display of defective parts and switching display of non-defective/inspected products
-List display of inspection results
-Repair processing for defective products
-Recording and saving judgment results