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This is a non-contact type inspection system for proofreading data and printed/sampled printed matter for large format printing sheets. Suitable for high-speed scanning and high-speed inspection gravure printing film with inspection target size up to 900 mm x 1,300 mm

NaviScan-LNC System
  • Scan time is within 5 seconds, standard inspection time is 2 to 10 seconds (depending on resolution and inspection content
  • Equipped with an air suction mechanism for films and thin paper
    -Easy set for thin films Inspection of vapor deposition materials and glossy products is also OK!
  • New inspection setting are completed in 20 to 30 seconds, and easy setting of multisided products
  • Compatible with digital data masters such as PDF. Comparison between scan images, data
    It is possible to compare images and data
  • 900mm×1,300mm size total inspection time is 40 seconds to 1 minute
    In case of 300dpi, it varies depending on the setting contents)
  • Everyone can easily set the inspection using the operation panel NEO (NVS Easy Operation
  • Detection of chipping, pinholes protrusions, bleeding blurring, foreign matter, dirt, color unevenness, etc.
  • Position measurement, print position, register shift, label position, tilt deviation measurement
  • Scanner resolution 600dpi (42.3μm/pixel), 300dpi (84.7μm/pixel)
  • Selectable 150dpi (169μm/pixel)
  • Fixed print quality inspection and variable print OCR (character recognition), serial number confirmation, bar code
    Read and collate variable information print such as 2D code, bar code verification from quality inspection
    Up to grade judgment)

Basic Official

・Project content device body 1,730mm(W) × 860mm(D) × 1,750mm(H)

・Inspection size: Maximum 900 mm x 1,300 mm

・Scanner resolution: 600dpi (42.3μm/pixel), 300dpi (84.7μm/pixel), 150dpi (169μm/pixel)

・Comparative inspection method

①Comparison of scanned image of non-defective master and scanned image of printed printed matter to be inspected

② Comparison of block copy design data and scanned image of printed matter

③Comparison of design data (PDF, PDF and TIFF, etc.)

・Multi-sided printing inspection method: Select and set one side as a master, and automatically inspect all multi-sided pieces

・Inspection time: 40-size color sheet inspection time: 40 seconds to 1 minute completed (if 300 dpi, change depending on settings)

-Image processing engine Navitas checker flex

・Inspection setting tool NEO (NVS Easy Operation)

・Inspection level designation: Selectable from 5 levels (eg: strict, moderately strict, normal, moderately rough, rough)
*Each inspection condition can be specified by the user

It is possible to set different inspection accuracy and conditions for each print character and designated place. Data input Handy barcode reader input of inspection product number

Bar code reader is optional resolution/resolution optical resolution up to 600dpi