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The definitive version of the automatic single-sheet label inspection system that can automatically supply and sort. Various options according to the workpiece


• Applicable to single label, card and sheet
• Higher transfer speed than before, 60m/min
• Standard bottom feeder or multi-feed multi-feeder can be selected as the supply unit
• A suction conveyor method is used to correct warped workpieces for stable inspection.
Continuous automatic inspection one by one
• High-definition color processing realized with a 3-plate color line sensor (2K, 4K)
• High resolution inspection with resolution of 46 μm (field of view 190 mm, 4K line sensor used)
• Anyone can easily set the inspection using the operation panel NEO (NVS Easy Operation)
• One-master image processing engine “NC-FLX” adopted
• Inspectable work size is 40mm×90mm~180mm×250mm
*Supports up to 440 mm x 600 mm as an option
• Automatic defective work discharge, non-defective item count, designated number sorting function
• Stable detection of pinholes, chips, protrusions, scratches, foreign matter, scratches, etc.
• Positional deviation/deviation/dimension/high accuracy measurement is possible
• Reads variable information printing such as OCR (character recognition), serial number confirmation, bar code, 2D code, etc.

From verification and quality inspection to bar code verification (grade judgment)

Product features

Basic specifications

“NaviCon-Ⅲ” is a conveyor-conveying type automatic inspection device that continuously inspects single-wafer labels, cards, and sheets one by one while automatically feeding them with a supply feeder.
The standard bottom feeder or multi-feeder capable of supplying large quantities can be selected for the supply section, and the transfer speed has been increased to 60 m/min.
The high-resolution line sensor automatically detects microscopic defects such as pinholes, missing characters, faintness, misalignment, and foreign matter.
Bad labels are automatically ejected, and non-defective labels are sorted according to the specified number of printed sheets and can be shipped as is.
Our inspection software’s unique technology of contour fuzzy processing and expansion/contraction correction alignment technology accurately detects defects in the contour area even if there are misalignment, expansion/contraction in printing, and variations in the printed contour area.
The image processing engine is equipped with the one-master method “Asmil Vision” or “Navitas Checker Flex”, and even if there is misalignment or expansion/contraction of printing, thick/thin, or contour variation, one non-defective image is registered as a master. Just detect the fine defects without causing over-detection. It supports variable information such as serial number check and character recognition, bar code reading to variable printing quality inspection, and high-performance color processing to detect color unevenness, color misregistration, color loss defects, etc.

for Single sheet label inspection

Print quality inspection: foreign matter, chips, pinholes, missing prints, dirt, faintness, whiskers, thick and thin characters, etc.
Background defect detection: Ink splash, foreign matter, stains, lines, scratches, dents, stains, etc.
Dimension measurement, width, angle, radius, etc.
Positional deviation measurement, misalignment, label position, printing position, etc.
Variable information inspection: OCR (character recognition), serial number confirmation, barcode and 2D code reading and collation, quality inspection,     

Barcode grade judgment (reference value)

Result confirmation function FLX-Verify (flex verify) (optional)
-Enlarged display of defective parts and switching display of non-defective/inspected products
-List display of inspection results
-Repair processing for defective products
-Recording and saving judgment results