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Only one inspection technology contributes to the improvement of customer’s product quality.

The image inspection system “Navitas Checker”, which boasts over 1,000 domestic and overseas shipment records, realizes high-precision and high-definition quality inspection using image processing technology. With more than 15 years of image processing technology development experience and achievements, we have succeeded in developing a unique print quality inspection method. We are developing this image inspection system “Navitus Checker” in ASEAN countries, and we are implementing system proposal, delivery, consulting, education, support, etc. In response to the high-precision, high-definition inspection quality required by the printing industry for labels, stickers, cards, etc., and the plastic molding processing industry for cosmetics bottles, automobile parts, etc., “Contributing to the improvement of customers’ product quality with unique inspection technology” “To do. It is widely used by customers for various labels, stickers, large format sheets, various films, various cosmetics/pharmaceutical bottles, automobile parts, etc.